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Recently, our Director of Operations and Morning Host Sam Dye, received an email from a couple who live in Harrisburg. They have been faithful listeners every day since they found us. They listen via our live internet stream. The husband, Frank, told the story of finding Way Truth Life Radio while driving through our area on business. He vividly remembers hearing the program Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias and the story of a young Vietnamese Christian prisoner of war accused of helping the Americans. His jailers tried to indoctrinate him against democratic ideals and the Christian faith.

Just when the prisoner’s faith was about to collapse, he found portions of the Book of Romans, Chapter 8 that had been used as toilet paper. He cleaned the pages of fecal matter and began to read. Can you imagine this? He requested regular latrine duty once he discovered that an official was using a Bible as toilet paper. He needed more of God’s Word. His faith was reignited!

Our listener, Frank, told us: “Listening to this as I was driving – the story was so vivid that it pulled at the very roots of my heart. Tears flowed from my eyes and I knew right then and there that I needed to return to God’s Word.”

God uses Way Truth Life Radio to draw people closer to Himself – just like Frank and his wife Susan. This ministry cannot continue without the faithful regular support of our listeners. Our mission is: that this ministry, “through the listener-supported stations of Way Truth Life Radio, exists to provide diverse, wholesome programming for the edification, encouragement and entertainment of people of all ages through Spirit-empowered content that invites everyone to biblical salvation and Christ-centered living.”

Frank went on to say: “My wife and I look forward to WTLR and Ravi’s broadcast (among many others) every morning during the workweek. He never fails to crack open our hearts… Thank you for providing a wonderful source for hearing God’s Word. God bless WTLR, its mission, and its listeners.”

The Good News of Jesus Christ is what Way Truth Life Radio proclaims all day, every day. Our desire for you, and others like Frank and Susan, is to draw closer to Him through Radio for Christ-Centered Living. We also want to see lost souls harvested for Jesus. Truly, the fields are “white for harvest!” Many are seeking after God and hungering for His Word.

Do you believe in what we do at Way Truth Life Radio? If so, and the Lord of the harvest has blessed you and impresses upon you to share a portion of those blessings with this ministry, we would be so grateful. In order to reach and be a blessing to more people like Frank and Susan, I am asking for your help now.

We will take just two days to share with our listeners the needs of Way Truth Life Radio. We encourage you to tune in Wednesday and Thursday, September 27th and 28th for Harvest Share. Stories of faith and encouragement, like Frank’s, will be shared that show the impact that God’s Word, through radio, is having in our region. Just under 1,000,000 people can tune in and hear about biblical salvation and Christ-centered living. Would you please consider becoming one of our financial partners to help us continue broadcasting the life-changing message of Jesus Christ?

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of my request for your support. May the Lord bless you,

S. Dwight Knouse II

Executive Director: CPCI


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