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The goal of the Ambassador Program is to make sure that the Church in Central Pennsylvania is aware of Way Truth Life Radio's program offerings and to encourage participation in regional events sponsored by the station featuring some of today's prominent faith leaders and music artists. Will you help get the word out? In order to accomplish this goal, there are several things that we ask our Ambassadors to do.

     1. You must support the Way Truth life Radio Mission: "Way Truth Life Radio invites all listeners to biblical salvation and Christ-centered living."

     2. You must support the Teaching-Music-Encouragement format of Way Truth Life Radio.  In other words, you personally enjoy and benefit from the 50/50 teaching and music format.

     3. You must attend a church within the Way Truth Life Radio listening area.

     4. You must obtain the support of church leadership in your role as an Ambassador.  Simply make your pastor or leadership aware that you are being considered to be a Way Truth Life Radio Ambassador and obtain their permission to periodically make your church aware of our programming and special events.  A note or email from your pastor or church leadership will satisfy this requirement.  We will be happy to call or meet with you and the church to gain a comfort level with what we are trying to accomplish.

     5. Obviously, you must be willing to actively promote Way Truth Life Radio programming and affiliated events to your church.

     6. You must be comfortable with handling and passing along electronic files to the proper people within your church foreffective promotion.  We create a Media Kit for each event that includes posters, bulletin inserts, slides and videos for announcements in your services, pictures, speaker bios, and miscellaneous graphics to be used as needed.

We will provide you with talking points and promotional material to assist in your duties as an Ambassador.  You may be eligible to receive free tickets to select Way Truth Life Radio Community Outreach Events. We will provide you with one (1) free ticket per 25 tickets that are successfully purchased by your church members for eligible events. We may also invite you to volunteer at various station events if you are able. You may be awarded other logo items as an Ambassador.

Currently, Way Truth Life Radio plans to host three Community Outreach Events per year.  Motivate will be held in the Spring, Ezekiel  Forum in the Fall, and a concert to open the Christmas season will be held in early December.  We would like to do more concerts in the future.  Following is a brief description of each event.

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Ezekiel Forum
highlights the teaching aspect of our ministry by bringing in noted national and international speakers.  Specifically, the Forum is for the exploration of scripture for the development of a stronger Christian worldview.  We seek to explain this worldview to fellow believers in a large-group setting, and thereby extend Christian influence into the public sphere through their witness. As an outcome, we want to see Christians confidently and intelligently interact with those holding opposing perspectives and engage our dying world with solid biblical answers.


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The Concert Series features music artists consistent with the artists heard on our stations.  It's a great form of wholesome entertainment for the entire family that is edifying and encouraging.  We have focused on opening the Christmas season with a concert as a great way for everyone to begin their celebration of our Savior. We hope to do more concerts in the future.


Motivate Logo no year

has been designed as the third Way Truth Life Radio annual event that combines an encouraging Bible message and music to worship our God and Savior.  Motivate is an event where God's regional church comes together for An Evening of Encouragement. Attendees should take the opportunity to get to know other Christians in our area while worshipping together.  The concept is taken from Hebrews 10:24: "...motivate one another to acts of love and good works."  Motivate is a synonym for encouragement. Who doesn't need encouragement?


Our prayer is that God will bless many Central Pennsylvanians through the radio programming and these unique ministry outreaches of Way Truth Life Radio.  Please feel free to contact us to ask any additional questions that you may have.  We would love to have you and your church represented on our team.  Interested individuals should apply by sending us an email with the subject “Way Truth Life Radio Ambassador” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Provide your church name and address and personal contact information (mailing address, email address, and phone number).  We will be back in touch to discuss getting together.