How Can You Help: It’s very simple! Choose a child (or multiple children) below and buy a gift in the name of their parent. (For the sake of privacy we are only providing the childrens’ names and not the names of their parents.)

Important Notes: 

  • Gift/Gifts MUST* be a $25-35 purchase and fit in 1 box. Please note: Some children are part of a family. Staying within the price range ensures all children receive an equal amount. (multiple gifts totaling $25-35 are allowed as long as they can all be put in 1 box, giving it the appearance of 1 gift). If you are interested in buying gifts for multiple siblings please either select each child and his/her sibling or reach out to Jason at

*if you will be purchasing a gift for EVERY child in a family the dollar limit will not apply, but each child must receive an equal amount.

  • Gifts may NOT arrive wrapped. 
  • We have provided very specific gift ideas for each child. Please purchase a gift/gifts that fit within these parameters. The gift requests have come from the incarcerated parent; we want to make sure we’re getting exactly what the child wants and what their parents want for them.
  • Please keep the child’s age in mind when buying gifts.
  • Please include the child’s name when dropping off or having the gift delivered (many websites allow you to add a gift note, if possible please include the child’s name in this section).
  • Gifts must be delivered by Friday, December 9th at the latest, but please keep in mind that we can’t schedule deliveries until the gifts are received, so the earlier the better.


Madaen, age 13 *provided for

Malina, age 9 *provided for

Kayla, age 5 *provided

Mela, age 15 *provided for

Nicholas, age 10 *provided for

Allyson, age 5 *provided

Kaylee, age 11 *provided

Aaliyah, age 13 *provided

Sophie, age 15

Sally, age 8

Adriana, age 10 *provided

How to Give:

When you’ve chosen a child you’ll be asked how you’re going to purchase the gift and deliver it to us, there are four ways to do this:

  • Purchase a gift and deliver in person to our studio between 8am and 4pm. (2020 Cato Ave, State College, PA 16801) 
  • Purchase a gift and mail it to our studio (2020 Cato Ave, State College, PA 16801). Please include the child’s name in a note
  • Purchase a gift from an online retailer and have shipped directly to our studio (2020 Cato Ave, State College, PA 16801). Please include child’s name in gift note
  • Purchase a gift and deliver in person to Grace Bible Church in Hollidaysburg (164 Laurel Ln, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648). Deliver to the office and let them know it’s for Way Truth Life Radio. Please include the child’s name in a note


What is Angel Tree: Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship program that is meant to connect and help build a relationship between an imprisoned father or mother with their child/children.

Why Support Angel Tree: Children are the invisible victims of incarceration, and studies show they are some of America’s most at-risk kids. Angel Tree mobilizes volunteers around the country to deliver a gift, the Gospel, and a personal message of love to children on behalf of their incarcerated parent at Christmas.


Nicholas is age 10, but because of a developmental condition he has the mindset of a 5 or 6 year old. Nicholas would do well with sensory toys, stickers and books, a craft kit (no paint though), playdough (no slime though), hide and seek books, or Magic Ink Mess Free Coloring Books. Nicholas’ sibling is Mela. If you’re interested in purchasing gifts for multiple children, you may want to consider her sibling.



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