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CURE Kid JumpingThroughout the accounts of His life, Jesus often talks about the Kingdom of God. It’s a place where the last are first, and the King Himself identifies with the “least of these.”

CURE serves children who, because of their disabilities, are often the very last: the last to be included, the last to be protected from abuse, the last to be afforded dignity, and sometimes, even the last to be given food in their own homes.

We say healing changes everything not only because it brings an end to physical pain but because it means restoration of dignity, protection from abuse, and inclusion in family, school, and culture.

CURE’s work is not limited to physical health. We are just as focused on the spiritual health of the children we serve.

Often, they are told their condition is due to a curse. Through healing, we get to show them the God who hasn’t cursed them, the God who loves them, dearly.

The children we serve have treatable conditions such as clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lip, untreated burns, and hydro-cephalus. They are frequently hidden inside their homes. Rejection, isolation, and abuse are common, both from family members and the outside world. In some serious cases, children are abandoned, thrown away, or drowned by their own families. Most who survive childhood, having no education or employment options, will end up as beggars or worse.

When you partner with Way Truth Life Radio, you help change a young life—possibly for eternity!

10 Days Old and Abandoned

Baby Sarvagya is a toughie! Born in the Himalayan region in northern India, Baby Sarvagya was abandoned at 10 days of age. He was born with bilateral clubfoot, and without delay the social workers brought him to a CURE Clubfoot clinic for treatment.

The sight of this cute little baby who had had so much happen to him already was crushing, but we knew whatever circumstances brought him to us was the will of God. Healing began and progress was noted each week, but the best was yet to come… soon he was chosen for adoption!

His new family had been trying for 11 years for a child of their own; finally, they decided to adopt. Only after receiving Baby Sarvagya did they learn he had been born with clubfoot. They were nervous at first, but they knew he was the one.

Knowing his clubfoot had been properly corrected, his new family reached out to the CURE Clubfoot Counselor to understand the rest of the process. Baby Sarvagya is now in braces and it’s such a joy to witness and be a part of the healing and happiness of this amazing family.

Baby Sarvagya
Baby Sarvagya at his new home, with the brace that he will wear a few hours every day until he is five to make sure the foot correction stays.

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