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I grew up as a Lancaster County boy loving the beauty of the countryside. Now that I’m a little older – although still a kid at heart – I’ve come to enjoy God’s creation through hiking and backpacking.

I’m extremely grateful to my parents who raised me knowing who Jesus is and what he did for me. I can think back to early conversations with my parents sharing with me the importance of accepting Jesus into my heart asking me if I had made Jesus my savior. “Yes,” I told them “I’ve done that.”

I continued with my faith journey into college where I attended Edinboro University. I couldn’t have gone any further away from home and still been in Pennsylvania!

I can confidently say that if God had not pursued me in college I wouldn’t be where I am today. God really called me to himself and I had the chance to make my relationship with him a very personal one.

My renewed relationship with God wasn’t the only life changing event that happened at college. Besides earning a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, Edinboro is also where I met my wonderful and beautiful wife, Rachael. We married on a small South Carolina island in May of 2016 with our feet in the sand.

At this point I was two years into a career in Country Music in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. We liked the area and loved the people, but two years later God brought that chapter of my life to an end. God spent the next year telling me to trust in Him because he had great things planned.

As he always does, God fulfilled that promise when I landed here at Way Truth Life Radio. I know God has more great things planned through this ministry, but I wouldn’t dare try to guess all the things He has planned. I’ll just look forward to hearing His voice and going as called.

If you run into me outside of work I’m either with my wife, my dog (Zion) or watching the Green Bay Packers. If I’m doing anything else, please help me because I’m clearly lost.