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 Back in 1986, Way Truth Life Radio moved into our present facility.

Technology has changed a lot in the last 33 years. We have been able to keep pace thanks to our dedicated donors. But it has been a long time since there has been a general renovation of the interior. The carpet is unraveling in places and hard to clean. The walls need to be patched and painted, as does the trim. A transformation is needed!

Our studio facility in State College is where the Christ-centered, Bible-based, evangelical, inter-denominational, listener-supported ministry is based. Christ has used this ministry to Central Pennsylvania for almost 42 years to transform lives. Our facilities are a little tired and in need of their own transformation.

Will you help us make it presentable for our guests, volunteers, and staff? Our plan is to have an Open House when we are finished to share how we bring Radio for Christ-centered Living to you and your neighbors. Depending on how long it takes to raise the needed funds, we may need to do the work in three phases.

We are seeking $10,000 to help us with phases one and two. CPCI, the corporation that operates Way Truth Life Radio, is committed to good stewardship of the funds donated by our listeners. We will not go into debt to fund this project. We need your help. You don't have to wait. Please send your gift today, marked #Giving Tuesday. We are truly grateful for your generous support!