During Spring Share 2019, Way Truth Life Radio partnered with CURE International. The focus was to heal infants of clubfoot in developing countries around the world. Because of our "Healing Partners", we will be healing 12 children throughout the year! Each child will be treated by Hope Walks (in collaboration with CURE International).

Thank you for being a "Healing Partner" of Way Truth Life Radio and helping to cure a child of clubfoot! This month you helped to heal 2 children! Meet Hidija and Gerardine.

Juan is from the Dominican Republic


Twenty dollars may not seem like a huge amount of money, but it was enough to keep Massiel from initially getting treatment for her son Juan, who was born with clubfoot in the Dominican Republic.

After she was told that her son had clubfoot, the first treatment option they heard about was at a private rehabilitation center that charged $20 per cast each week. On average, 5-8 casts are needed to completely correct clubfoot. Casting alone could cost this family $160, which they simply could not afford.

Fortunately, they found the Hope Walks partner clinic at Hospital Dario Contreras in Santo Domingo where treatment would cost them nothing thanks to generous WTLR donors. Now, Juan will soon be walking all over the place on straight feet.

Massiel is happy that the doctors intervened and that Hope Walks was able to provide the materials needed throughout the process. She is amazed by God’s healing and believes what happened to her child is a true miracle.

Clubfoot Care for the Dominican Republic

● 269 children born with clubfoot
● 3
Hope Walks partner clinics across the country

● 2019 

○ 182 children enrolled

              ○ 110 children successfully treated



Abdoul is from Niger


In Muslim cultures, a naming ceremony is typically held on the seventh day after a child is born. This is a special celebration where the father and mother decide together what the child should be called. However, this was not a joyous day for Fati. She was distraught because her son Abdoul was born with clubfoot. Instead of the women of the village fawning over her cute little boy, they were focused on his feet, and the shame she felt was palpable.

Abdoul’s family also believed that they just had to accept his disability and the fact that he likely would not walk because this is what God gave them. Despite this belief, Fati sought treatment for her son when she found out about the Hope Walks partner clinic in Niamey. After the second cast was removed and she could see improvement in Abdoul’s feet, she smiled for the first time in weeks.

“This place is very different from other public health centers. There is love, respect and encouragement here,” Fati said.

Today Abdoul is wearing braces to maintain the correction. While the joy that was robbed from her during the naming ceremony can’t be returned, she now has hope for a brighter future.


Clubfoot Care for Niger

● 1,282 children born with clubfoot 
                 ● 7
Hope Walks partner clinics across the country

● 2019

○ 307 children enrolled

              ○ 207 children successfully treated



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