During Spring Share 2019, Way Truth Life Radio partnered with CURE International. The focus was to heal infants of clubfoot in developing countries around the world. Because of our "Healing Partners", we will be healing 12 children throughout the year! Each child will be treated by Hope Walks (in collaboration with CURE International).

Thank you for being a "Healing Partner" of Way Truth Life Radio and helping to cure a child of clubfoot! The first child you have helped to heal is Aniselim.

Aniselim 3

Aniselim is from Nakuru County in Kenya. He is their first child and unfortunately his parents didn’t realize there was something wrong with his feet until they got home from the hospital.

Aniselim’s mother, Faith, shared ““I was so devastated until I learned that clubfoot is manageable.”

Thankfully she learned that treatment for clubfoot could be found at the same hospital where he was born. Although it was difficult and mom says she cried as much as her son did, by the third cast they noticed “a real change” in Aniselim’s feet.

They are so grateful for the clubfoot clinic Parent Advisor who made repeated follow-up phone calls check in and remind them of appointments. “If it wasn’t for the counselling, I don’t know what I would have done,” Faith shared. Faith is back to work selling second hand clothes and there is great hope that Aniselim will grow up without disability.


Clubfoot Care for Kenya

- 1,930 children born with clubfoot each year (estimated)
- 23 Hope Walks partner clinics across the country
- 1,076 children enrolled
- 978 children successfully treated


Here are photos of Aniselim's treatment; all of which you helped to provide!

Aniselim 1  Aniselim 2