During Spring Share 2019, Way Truth Life Radio partnered with CURE International. The focus was to heal infants of clubfoot in developing countries around the world. Because of our "Healing Partners", we will be healing 12 children throughout the year! Each child will be treated by Hope Walks (in collaboration with CURE International).

Thank you for being a "Healing Partner" of Way Truth Life Radio and helping to cure a child of clubfoot! The third child you have helped to heal is Ramatoulahi.

Ramatoulahi is from Niger. 

Ramatoulahi 1

When your child is born with clubfoot, it can be hard to imagine what their feet may look like once corrected. Ramatoulahi’s parents were shocked to see the miraculous transformation in her one affected foot just after three casts and were grateful beyond words. This low-income Muslim family was aware of clubfoot because one of their neighbor’s children was treated for the condition. Unlike many, they did not have to go through the fear and unknowing that so often accompanies the birth of a child with clubfoot.

Working in Africa, Hope Walks staff see and treat many Muslim families, which gives them a unique opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to those of other faiths.

“Since we started coming to the clubfoot clinic, we have seen respect and consideration toward us,” said Ramatoulahi’s mother. “In other health centers, we sometimes aren’t considered human, but here, you’re lovely people.”

Now each visit, her mother is enthusiastic and joyful to be at the clinic to share about her daughter’s condition and encourage other mothers.

Clubfoot Care for Niger
● 1,282 children born with clubfoot each year (estimated)
● 7 Hope Walks partner clinics across the country
● 2018 ○ 251 children enrolled ○ 184 children successfully treated




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