During Spring Share 2019, Way Truth Life Radio partnered with CURE International. The focus was to heal infants of clubfoot in developing countries around the world. Because of our "Healing Partners", we will be healing 12 children throughout the year! Each child will be treated by Hope Walks (in collaboration with CURE International).

Thank you for being a "Healing Partner" of Way Truth Life Radio and helping to cure a child of clubfoot! This month you helped to heal 2 children! Meet Hidija and Gerardine.

Hidija is from Ethiopia

Baby Hidija 1“Don’t seek medical treatment for your daughter,” the family told the parents of Hidija. “Her deformity is a gift from Allah and you should accept your deformed child.”

Fortunately, for this Muslim family, they did not listen to that advice but instead sought treatment at the Hope Walks partner clinic in Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. Hidija’s mother is a housewife and her father is a farmer so finances are tight. Without the love and support of WTLR listeners who helped fund her treatment, Hidija would be facing a lifetime of disability, financial struggles and isolation.

As soon as the family arrived for their first clinic visit, they were amazed at the hospitality of both the clinicians who treated Hidija’s feet and the parent advisors who walked them through the treatment process.

“Seeing our daughter walk and play with other children is the greatest joy that we can ask for,” both parents said.

Clubfoot Care for Ethiopia

● 4,136 children born with clubfoot
● 32
Hope Walks partner clinics across the country

● 2019 

○ 1,753 children enrolled

                                 ○ 1,331 children successfully treated



Gerargdine is from Rwanda

Gerardine 1

Jeanne was disheartened when her beautiful child Gerardine was born with a deformity. But what she called her “parenting heart,” told her to be strong and accept the condition which she could not change and live with the burden for the rest of her life. She was right. Jeanne could not change the fact that her daughter had clubfoot, but others could.

Jeanne and her husband, Simeon, were watching TV one day when they came upon a show that talked about clubfoot and its treatment. Perhaps there was something they could do. They watched more intently and learned about the Muhima Clinic, a Hope Walks partner, where clubfoot could be treated.

When they visited the clinic for the first time, it was like their world went from black and white to full, vivid color as they saw many children and their families in various stages of treatment. And best of all -- children running and jumping free of clubfoot.

“I can’t say any more because God has done a surprise to me,” said Simeon. “Now Gerardine wears shoes!”


Clubfoot Care for Rwanda

● 471 children born with clubfoot 
                 ● 13
Hope Walks partner clinics across the country

● 2019

○ 406 children enrolled

                                                       ○ 292 children successfully treated



Baby Hidija 4 Gerardine 3