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GOAL OF $250,000

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Way Truth Life Radio is focused on bringing the truth of Jesus into the lives of our listeners and radio family. We want to encourage you through truths of God’s word and continue to strengthen your relationship with him each day.


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One of the greatest pleasures of being a Christian ministry is that we get to hear people’s stories. Nearly everyday we hear new stories and get to know people within our listening area on a personal level. We love being a part of these stories, even if it is a small part.



Do you remember the little boy that you used to see running everywhere he went? The little boy who never possessed an “inside voice”, and was constantly spilling his drink at the table? That was me. Thank you for having patience while I developed the ability to control my energy.

I grew up in a small village in Ohio called Iberia. It was a “village” because our two stop signs, gas station, and post office weren’t quite enough to bring us up to “town” status. Our family was made up of my dad Jeff, mom Robin, sister Emily, myself and a various assortment of pets throughout the years. We always lived within a short walk, or drive, of all of my extended family, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

It was in my early childhood that my Mawmaw explained to me what Christ had done in her life. She was the one person in this world that I admired most. I wanted to be like her, and wanted to experience the grace that she beautifully described. One morning, in her dining room, she lead me in a prayer to accept the gift of salvation. She went to be with the Lord in 2006, but her legacy continues on in the impact she made for the kingdom.

After roughly 20 years I went to Mount Vernon Nazarene University where I received a Bachelors of Radio and Video Broadcasting. But the degree was only the second best thing I received in college. After three years of friendship, I finally got up the nerve to ask out the most beautiful girl on campus, Stephanie. Three month’s later we were engaged, and three months after that we were married. Spending my life with her is such a joy. Together we have three sons, Jeffrey, Rocky and Benjamin.

After college I worked at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk for a year. It was an amazing learning experience. While I was there I couldn’t help but to catch Dr. Dobson’s passion for the family and for children. I hope that every day I can become a better leader, husband, and father. With that comes a passion for the sanctity of life which has been instilled in me from childhood.

Most of my free time is spent playing with my sons, or watching a favorite tv show with my wife. I also love playing basketball, building legos and watching one of my favorite sports teams. (Go Browns, Cavs, Indians, Ohio State Buckeyes, and yes… Penn State).



Little did I know that my college days in Nashville, TN as a radio “DJ” would land me a job at the station that I have called my own for the past 3.5 years.  After graduating with a degree in Communications & a Minor in Music from a small Christian University, I worked for over 8 years in the corporate world of Marketing/PR for large commercial companies.  It was then that I felt a clear calling to be a stay-at-home-mom when we began a family.  I have never regretted a moment of making that our priority for the past 25 years as we raised our 3 beautiful, now adult, kiddos; Cal, Adree Ana & Makayla.

I grew up as the middle child of three with loving Christian parents in Northeast Ohio.  But, both sides of my family originate in Pennsylvania.  My Dad was a teacher and my Mom was the director of a church Daycare & Kindergarten.  As the granddaughter of a Pastor, we were always involved in ministry; the first ones to arrive and the last family to leave.  All surrounded by fond memories of teen rock-a-thon fundraisers, consistent church potlucks and rolling down the sanctuary underneath the pews!

I had always thought that I wanted to go into nursing, and for various reasons that did not come together, but my deep desire to help heal those in need has never dwindled.  So, through volunteering & ministry opportunities I have always found myself loving people by encouraging them with my story and the God given wisdom that I feel I have gained through my quiet times with the Lord, and simply seeking to live out a Christ centered life. 

Almost 10 years ago God started a stirring in our hearts to evaluate my husband’s profession and consider moving our family away from all they had ever known.  From there he left a dream job that many thought we were crazy to walk away from and we went on staff at the church that we grew up in.  Two years later, God repositioned us once again, calling us to take a job with a State College area national family ministry that had been tugging at our hearts for 5 of those evaluating years. 

I call that move “Horrendously Beautiful”!  During the year long process God trained me to wait, to release, to walk around with open hands.  To let go and let God work out the details.  He developed in me a great deal of patient endurance, (Hebrews 10:36). And I am humbly grateful!

Music is one of my Joys!  From middle school through college, I was consumed with singing in choirs as well as acting/singing in high school productions. And as an adult, leading on worship teams, church passion plays and directing over 5 church youth musicals.

In my spare time you will find me decorating for all the holidays, shopping for outstandingly great deals; which I am not ashamed to admit, yard work, cooking and house projects with my hubby, Ernie, as well as volunteering at my daughter’s school, mentoring a small group of teen girls & young Mom’s!

Fun Fact: my kids say I am the most accidentally funny person they know; but shhh … little do they realize … that more often than not, I actually mean to be funny and play it off that I didn’t!!!



I grew up as a Lancaster County boy loving the beauty of the countryside. Now that I’m a little older – although still a kid at heart – I’ve come to enjoy God’s creation through hiking and backpacking.

I’m extremely grateful to my parents who raised me knowing who Jesus is and what he did for me. I can think back to early conversations with my parents sharing with me the importance of accepting Jesus into my heart asking me if I had made Jesus my savior. “Yes,” I told them “I’ve done that.”

I continued with my faith journey into college where I attended Edinboro University. I couldn’t have gone any further away from home and still been in Pennsylvania!

I can confidently say that if God had not pursued me in college I wouldn’t be where I am today. God really called me to himself and I had the chance to make my relationship with him a very personal one.

My renewed relationship with God wasn’t the only life changing event that happened at college. Besides earning a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, Edinboro is also where I met my wonderful and beautiful wife, Rachael. We married on a small South Carolina island in May of 2016 with our feet in the sand.

At this point I was two years into a career in Country Music in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. We liked the area and loved the people, but two years later God brought that chapter of my life to an end. God spent the next year telling me to trust in Him because he had great things planned.

As he always does, God fulfilled that promise when I landed here at Way Truth Life Radio. I know God has more great things planned through this ministry, but I wouldn’t dare try to guess all the things He has planned. I’ll just look forward to hearing His voice and going as called.

If you run into me outside of work I’m either with my wife, my dog (Zion) or watching the Green Bay Packers. If I’m doing anything else, please help me because I’m clearly lost.



I was raised in a family of 4 boys, in the town of Wall, PA, familiar to some for being the home of Cornerstone TV. My family attended a Byzantine Catholic Church, where we learned to honor and respect God, but no mention of having a personal faith in the Lord Jesus.

I was faithful in my church attendance up until my college years at Penn State.

My first encounters in Central PA were on the long 3-hour drives with my dad as we would take my brother George to his residence hall during his time at Penn State. I also attended there, and graduated from Penn State in 1979. During my time at the University Park campus I lived in the Nittany Barracks, a group of buildings that had been used by the military going back to the days of World War II. These residence halls would only be considered cool by a college student. The buildings were replaced a number of years ago, so I can’t enjoy them again when I take an occasional nostalgic walk on the campus.

I got into broadcasting back in 1981, after getting some basic training in this field via the famous Columbia School of Broadcasting. My first job in radio was in a very small station in Sutton, West Virginia, WSGB. This station had a format of country in the morning, adult/contemporary in the midday, and hard rock in the evening. We also had a feature entitled Deepest Sympathies, which had the announcers reading the local obituaries.

Over the next 5 years I worked at a couple of other stations. Then in 1986 I moved to State College to work at a station that was just starting up, WZWW. While at this station I became familiar with WTLR and a number of people who were involved with it. Also during this time back in 1988, after visiting a local church a couple from the church paid me a visit, and presented the Gospel via the Evangelism Explosion method, and I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I came to work at WLTR in September of 1989. For over 25 years I have done about every aspect of radio: DJ announcing, news, and various types of production. I’ve gone from records and reel to reels, to uploading and downloading audio files on the computer. I thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this ministry for so many years. I’ve truly been blessed through this ministry.

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