• Please pray for my son, Bart. He is a Naval officer who is deploying tonight at midnight and will be the OIC of the base where he's going. He plans to continue his career outside the Navy, and this will be his last deployment. Please help me to pray that God gives him the knowledge and resources he needs to do his job well and to bring him home safely to his family. This deployment should be anywhere between three and six months. He has a wife and two small children.
  • I have angered and grieved the Holy Spirit and do not feel his presence. Please pray that God would make a way for me to be restored to fellowship with Him.
  • Please pray for Josephine. She is having pain in her shoulder and is waiting for the results of an x-ray.
  • maybe you can pray for me to recover quickly from the dog bite and help me with a good heart to pay for the last 3 anti rabies sessions and include in your prayer that my speaker will be sold and that my business will grow small sari sari store and Good health to us and keep away from any harm, thank you very much
  • Please pray for Josephine who is having bad shoulder pain.
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  • Rebe 3 months ago

    Praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and thank you to WTLR for the community of believers willing to pray for others.

  • Vanessa 10 months ago

    Was prayed for my back and am clamming whole healing of it. And for my medical health God is able. God will be with you everyday I a listen to the station 24/7 and have since you been on the air. My children grown up with you. PTL thank you in my prayers always.

  • Gail 1 year ago

    I thank God for our son Daniel turning 19 today and in the Air Force. Daniel continues to be a blessing to our family. <br /> Ps. 103:1<br /> I pray God will direct the right door for his work, and that Daniel will remain committed to Jesus. Thank you, amen.

  • Denise 1 year ago

    Thank the Lord, for answered prayers!

  • patricia 1 year ago

    Thank you for answered prayers <br />