• Urgent prayer for those being persecuted for their faith in Nigeria
    2021-03-01 09:04:29
    Please and please ,i am begging please remember my community in ur prayer
    ,the name Zango Kataf, is a very large community with all Christians in
    Nigeria,so i don't no either is because of that the terrorist are killing
    our people like that , please everybody should remember us please ,as i am
    taking we are mourning our brothers and sisters now , please anywhere you
    can extend this prayer please do it for us ,i am sorry for this assignment
    and the inconvenience, thanks and God bless as you remember us ,shalom


  • Unspoken request
    Without going into much detail on the situation, please be in prayer for our family, for our children. That we would get/hear/see answers, that we would see God move in our lives. We know God is a God of justice, truth, and mercy and we are in a situation that we are basically sitting and waiting on God. I know it's God's will, His way, and not our way. Please be in prayer for us and our family. Thank you and God bless
  • Prayer for Healing
    I fell and broke my left wrist. I am left-handed! I will have surgery on Wednesday, March 3rd. Please pray for the surgery to go well and for quick healing. Thank you! Christine
  • Moms Cancer battle
    Please pray for my Mother who is battling breast cancer. She’s already had the surgery to remove the cancer. She’s not going through 21 days in a row of radiation. Please pray for strength and healing. Thank you all, from my whole heart.

    God be with you.
    -Luke Minnick
  • Nose bleeds
    My nose bleeds every day. I am really scared.
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  • Thank you for answered prayers

  • I praise God that we walks with us through troubled waters, and brings us out again. I thank Him that what the enemy means for evil God turns it around for good. I have learned this lesson since the virus hit. We are just starting to come out of the waters and I am so thankful that God has been there the whole time. One things I can surely say is that when there is nowhere to turn God is there. Draw close to Him because He is faithful to draw near to you.

  • I am praising God for a great report from my cancer doctors today! Please continue to pray for recovery from a broken wrist as well.

  • Praising God today for His healing of a friend and her family from Covid-19!