• Please pray against me trying to flatter people and for honesty. Thank you
  • Sue has been Battling a Chronic Cough since Dec . Before COVID -19 . She has MS & 2 other Autoimmune Diseases . Last Weekend her Mobility was Horrible . Had Spasms & Leg Cramps and Pain off the Charts plus the Coughing Issue . She has a CT Scan for this Fri . to Figure out whats going on ?
    Praying for Mobility to get to Her much needed Appointments this Fri. Rick
  • please pray for my wife to see the truth of God and not the lies of Satan. Pray for her to turn from her adulterous way, stop the legal proceedings, and come home to her loving husband who God has transformed. Pray for God to restore and transform our covenant marriage for His honor and glory. I truly love my wife. Blessed is the Lord!
  • Please pray for my fear, doubt and intimidation. 1 John 4:18. Thank you
  • Please pray for relief for my back and neck pain and for my physical needs. The pain has been ongoing and prayer is very much needed for the pain
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  • I am praising God for a great report from my cancer doctors today! Please continue to pray for recovery from a broken wrist as well.

  • Praising God today for His healing of a friend and her family from Covid-19!