• Please pray for my husband Felix for salvation and our marriage also deliverance from alcohol our LORD to remove his stoney heart and work a miracle in his that he show love compassion respect kindness towards me thank you for praying
  • Hi all my wonderfull brothers and sister at the Way the Truth and the Life!To all those who said a prayer for 9/11 in NYC thank you GOD answered your prayers the Spirit of the LORD was here in great power all weekend giving people strength comfort and hope!Please say a prayer for me this week i need it bad!GOD bless you brother Danny 9/13/21
  • My son has been under spiritual attack all week and now he has been unfairly demoted from his position and has had another person unjustly promoted to his position. My prayer is that his coaches eyes would be opened to my son's true ability, their relationship would become stronger and that my son would be restored to his rightful position within the organization and that he would be able to play up to his true potential.
  • Please pray for my daughter. She is struggling with issues of self-confidence and loneliness. My prayer is that she will turn to the Lord and understand that strengthening her relationship with HIM is the solution to these issues.
  • I took a job then I did a sin which had severe consequences. I say severe because of the punishment and because I changed the US for the worst without realizing it. I prayed and prayed in the COH but kept losing and lost everything Any charge I bring against her now won’t stick because of her integrity! But the charges her prosecutor brought on me which were ridiculous stuck.
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  • Praising God today for His healing of a friend and her family from Covid-19!