• Please pray for Rosie as she is battling with COVID, with a fever and lung congestion. She is going to the hospital to receive and infusion. Pray that God will give her a peace of mind during this time.
  • Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Way Truth and the Life!Please say a prayer for me i am 75 saved yet homeless in NYC!For the last 20 years i have robbed Peter tp pay Paul mentally and emotionally in every way now Peter wants his money back and i do not have it to give just exhausted cannot feel a thing!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/20/21
  • Please pray for my 27 year old son. He is an alcoholic. He has an I don\'t care attitude and needs Jesus in his life.
  • I would like your prayers I know in my heart I need to lose weight and it’s getting harder and harder so I want you to agree with me today early give it to God and that he will help me lose weight at least 50 pounds it’s affecting when I walk and how I get around God is good and I know he will help me agree with me
  • Please pray for my husband, David.
    He has skin cancer they have been pre-cancerous and he has had several lesions removed.
    He\'s been seeing a Dr for over a year. He was a mailman for 33 years, has been retired for 3 years now.
    This last lesion that was removed was cancer, so he has to go back to have it removed deeper.
    Please pray for the Lord to heal him.
    This is so hard on him, having to go and have his face cut up, but he knows that he has to have it done.
    Sorry, so long winded!
    Thank you, Denise
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  • Praising God today for His healing of a friend and her family from Covid-19!