• Please pray for the right door to open into a supportive and safe team environment. Please pray for it to be clearly directed by god. Please pray for this to happen asap as trying for a baby and really want to be stable. Please lord pray for it to be of your will and accord. Praying for a Level 5 or 6 role. 🙂 I am struggling at moment as feel my confidence is low. Please pray that I find a team that is safe and above all supportive and I feel above all less hostility.
  • please pray for good women to get a home offers for 2 poor cats or the pets can die on teh street. Thanks
  • Requesting prayer from an Elder please:
    I am living outside of God’s best will for my life at this time. I’m stuck in a cycle and I want to repent for good but I don’t see how it is possible. Please pray that God powerfully remove every mountain in the way of His good, perfect and pleasing will for me and for my life. Pray every plan in alignment with the enemy’s will for me would completely fail. Pray only God’s plans for me would come to pass. Pray God’s kingdom break through and God’s will be done on earth as in heaven. Pray to fully and completely taste and see God is good as God desires and that God provide for every need and desire withholding no good thing. Pray for life, love, healing, miracles and joy like a fountain in Jesus name. Pray for an overflowing abundance of God’s redeeming love, grace and protection.
  • Please pray for Jessica from Oklahoma, for deliverance from drug addiction and salvation. That she would hate her idols and serve god alone. Fear God alone. That she would have clarity and success and walk closely with God and in his will her and her 5 children. Also Russell, James, Robert, Tina, Riley, Mike, kit, william for salvation
  • Good morning, Church. I need the Church staff to please pray that the Lord gives me a sign on where exactly my stolen Mini DV Tapes collection is at. Those Tapes have a lot of sentimental values that can highly be compared to a photo album and I will be emotionally crushed if I do not recover them. I ask for this website staff to please pray that I recover these sentimental values in whichever way possible. Thank you in advance.
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  • Melissa 2 years ago

    I praise God that we walks with us through troubled waters, and brings us out again. I thank Him that what the enemy means for evil God turns it around for good. I have learned this lesson since the virus hit. We are just starting to come out of the waters and I am so thankful that God has been there the whole time. One things I can surely say is that when there is nowhere to turn God is there. Draw close to Him because He is faithful to draw near to you.

  • Christine 2 years ago

    I am praising God for a great report from my cancer doctors today! Please continue to pray for recovery from a broken wrist as well.

  • Sam 2 years ago

    Praising God today for His healing of a friend and her family from Covid-19!