Also Join Us For These Christmas Specials

Sunday, Dec 24: 10:00pm


We are living in a turbulent time in history.  The good news is that Jesus Christ, God coming to each of us in our need, is still the best and only lasting hope in this world.  You don’t have to be afraid of the future. God has everything you need to face the days ahead.

Monday, Dec 25: 10-11pm


Many of our favorite Christmas carols originated from unique and surprising circumstances. This program brings these stories to life through the knowledge of a loving grandfather and the curiosity of a child. Dramatic sketches reveal some of what influenced the authors and composers to produce such memorable works. The classic carols, performed by a variety of musicians, will prepare your heart for Christmas. Sit down by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy!

Wednesday, Dec 23: 9:30pm

Because of Bethlehem

Max Lucado, the master story-teller, tells stories from his childhood, his family, his life—stories to draw the listener to the Christ of Christmas!

EASTER SUNDAY 11am and 9:30pm

The Resurrected Body of Christ

In this special, Carter Conlon of Times Square Church suggests that in these tumultuous days the Lord is saying to us, “You are my church and you have been divided too long and I am calling you to the place where you start to recognize and appreciate one another and start to understand that none of us can do this alone. We need each other.”

Carter makes a clarion call for unity among the Body of Christ. Though we’re all very different from each other, we’re all empowered by the same Spirit. If we remain divided we are not going to have the power to stand against the darkness of these times. We must pray!

“God, would you help us learn what it means to be part of the Resurrected Body of Christ?” — Carter Conlon

Sunday, Dec 25: 3-6pm

Adventures In Odyssey Christmas Marathon!

Join Whit, Connie, Eugene and the rest of the gang for a 3 hour marathon of classic Christmas episodes of Adventures In Odyssey!

Sunday, Dec 25: 7pm


Did Christmas begin in the First Century? Or does it have deeper roots before Christ’s birth? Join Charles Morris for a Christmas special called “Christmas in the Beginning” as he explores the promises and events found in the Old Testament pointing to the coming of Jesus—the most wonderful gift of all. Interspersed with music and featuring stories from Lee Strobel, Joni Eareckson Tada, Admiral Barry Black, Sally Lloyd-Jones & Randall Goodgame. The program will offer listeners hope and perspective during the season that is truly all about Jesus.



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Christmas Specials

Friday, Dec 24: 9pm

“The Son of David”

Looking at the Gospel of Luke as well as the prophets of old, Charles Morris will seek to answer the question, “Why is Jesus 
the Son of David?”  The stunning answer shows us that Christmas 
isn’t just something that happened unexpectedly— it was planned
by God, foretold in the Old Testament, and fulfilled by Jesus.  

Friday, Dec 24: 10pm

Candlelight Carols: Moody Bible Institute 

Join us for this wonderful tradition! Moody Bible Institute presents Candlelight Carols. 

Saturday, Dec 25: 3-6pm

Adventures In Odyssey Christmas Marathon!

Join Whit, Connie, Eugene and the rest of the gang for a 3 hour marathon of classic Christmas episodes of Adventures In Odyssey!

Saturday, Dec 25: 7pm

Christmas… Your Light in the Darkness

This Christmas, let the light of Christ come into your heart and give you courage to live in a world that at times can feel dark.  Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church brings a message of hope and light in a time of darkness.  Remember this holiday season that nothing is ordinary if Christ is in it.  Every promise He made will be fulfilled.  It all started, two thousand years ago, with the birth of a child.