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Job Description for Way Truth Life Radio

Radio Host / Community Relations Coordinator

for the Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute

Title: Radio Host / Community Relations Coordinator

Accountable to: Under direct employment of the Central Pennsylvania Christian Institute (CPCI) Board of Directors (Board) and accountable to the Station Manager as Radio Host and accountable to the Executive Director of the Board as Community Relations Coordinator.

Purpose: As a Radio Host of a federally-licensed, non-commercial, non-profit, listener-supported, 24-hour radio station, this position is responsible for communicating and connecting with the audience across a wide range of demographics.  The person in this role will create content and voice track material for assigned broadcasts to complement and enhance the ministry of Way Truth Life Radio (WTLR).   This person will also be responsible for coordination and scheduling station resources for appropriate events within the communities that we serve.

As Community Relations Coordinator, the person in this role will assist the Executive Director and Station Manager, as required, in growing support for the Mission of CPCI and WTLR in the areas of donor and church relations.  This person will assist in implementing donor strategies in harmony with the Mission, Vision and Values (collectively, the Mission) of CPCI and WTLR.

Broadcast Mission: Way Truth Life Radio invites all listeners to biblical salvation and Christ-centered living.


  1. General Duties.  The Radio Host / Community Relations Coordinator will:
    1. Host air shifts as assigned;
    2. Assist with radio production and voice tracking;
    3. Run the on-air studio board;
    4. Have the ability to be “live” when required during on-air fundraising appeals;
    5. Work alongside Station Manager and with the entire team to schedule and promote events within the communities we serve;
    6. Work alongside Executive Director and others as appropriate in the development of donor and church relationships; and
    7. Attend all WTLR staff meetings.
  1. Specific Duties.  The Radio Host / Community Relations Coordinator will:
    1. Work occasional evenings and weekends as needed for CPCI/WTLR community outreach or third-party events;
    2. Be responsible for hosting at least one on-air shift per weekday and as needed to cover weekend shift openings;
    3. Coordinate with community event organizers and CPCI/WTLR staff in the representation of the ministry in our community;
    4. Assist with or manage day-of-event preparations;
    5. Assist in the development of the WTLR Ambassador Program within listening area churches;
    6. Assist CPCI/WTLR in building strategic relationships with potential donors, including churches, through positive communication, personal requests by phone or in-person to give, and disciplined follow-up;
    7. Help develop strategies to identify prospective donors and engage, cultivate, solicit, and retain existing donors;
    8. Assist in the development of major donor and legacy giving programs;
    9. Grow and maintain relationships, both professional and ministry-related, within the communities that are served by WTLR; and
    10. Perform such other duties as assigned by the Station Manager and Executive Director.
  1. Special Requirements.  The position of Radio Host / Community Relations Coordinator requires a person who:
    1. Is a born-again Christian with strong devotion to Jesus Christ and a passion to make Him known;
    2. Is able to accept, support and defend the CPCI Statement of Faith;
    3. Has a grasp of Scripture, theology and apologetics;
    4. Will work with the Station Manager and Executive Director in articulating the CPCI vision for ministry;
    5. Holds a minimum of an Associate’s degree in Broadcast Communications with a Bachelor’s degree preferred;
    6. Three (3) years medium radio market experience (any format);
    7. Commercial Christian radio experience or non-commercial Christian radio experience would be a plus;
    8. On-air radio experience with excellent verbal and communication skills, ability to effectively communicate spiritual truths in a caring manner, ability to relate, engage, and encourage the target audience;
    9. Has knowledge and understanding of programming clocks and schedules;
    10. Must be able to provide compelling on-air content;
    11. Possesses a positive and approachable attitude on and off the air;
    12. Is open to talent coaching;
    13. Has problem-solving skills;
    14. Is able to bring projects to a successful completion in a timely manner;
    15. Is able to work without direct supervision and is highly motivated;
    16. Is competent in public relations and interpersonal relationships;
    17. Is eager to learn and develop skills in fundraising;
    18. Has knowledge of, experience with, or aptitude to learn the latest modes of technology, specifically:
      1. Adobe Audition audio software,
      2. Audio Vault or similar on-air software system,
      3. Microsoft products – Word and Excel (Publisher and PowerPoint would be a plus),
      4. Google products – Chrome, Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Maps, and
      5. Donor management software – Donor Perfect;
    19. Understands the culture of Central Pennsylvania and has demonstrated a willingness to work with the people of this area to see them know and grow in Jesus Christ; and
    20. Has the ability to secure and maintain a current driver’s license.

Contact: Sam Dye, Station Manager

Way Truth Life Radio

2020 Cato Avenue

State College, PA 16801, (800) 288-9857