• Pray for Ken has bladder cancer they are taking the stint out tomorrow. Pray that God would intercede on his behalf and no complications would occur. He is a born again Christians. Thank you dave rider
  • Olivia (1 month old) transferred to Pittsburgh Children\'s Hospital last evening (7/29).
    Doctors have run some tests; but, do not know what is making her sick.
    Wisdom for the doctors; healing for the baby; comfort for the family.
  • Please join me in prayer that our daughters keys are found. They were misplaced close to a week ago. The car key alone is over $500 to replace.
  • I’m worried about vacation. I’m disappointed I came back but I thought I should do more work. It’s upsetting I missed a good opportunity.
  • Total body healing. I\'ve had health issues come up. I want to try and be healthier. I fear it might be too late for me.
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  • I thank God for our son Daniel turning 19 today and in the Air Force. Daniel continues to be a blessing to our family. <br /> Ps. 103:1<br /> I pray God will direct the right door for his work, and that Daniel will remain committed to Jesus. Thank you, amen.

  • Thank the Lord, for answered prayers!

  • Thank you for answered prayers <br />

  • I praise God that we walks with us through troubled waters, and brings us out again. I thank Him that what the enemy means for evil God turns it around for good. I have learned this lesson since the virus hit. We are just starting to come out of the waters and I am so thankful that God has been there the whole time. One things I can surely say is that when there is nowhere to turn God is there. Draw close to Him because He is faithful to draw near to you.

  • I am praising God for a great report from my cancer doctors today! Please continue to pray for recovery from a broken wrist as well.