• Please pray for my neighbor. He has at least three blockages in his heart and will be needing surgery. He has some blood clots and his oxygen levels have been really low. His wife is really having a problem with all that is going on. Thank you.
  • Pray for Christopher who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has been told that it\'s not expected that he will recover. Pray for a miracle in healing and pray that he truly knows and has a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Prayers for my health and my families\' in like manner, that Christ would vouchsafe his anastasis, soteria, and charis into them all. Save them from the heaviest medical conditions by the promises behind His works to the I\'ll, lame, and dead to live. Amen.
  • Pray for our Aunt Louise and her four children they lost our Uncle Paul , But he does know the Lord and he’s up in heaven his funeral is this afternoon so be praying for them to get through this difficult time… Thank you
  • Pray for Lewis + Bridget for their Marriage this is my Daughter and Son in Law. Tom marital problems
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  • 7 months

    A listener is praising God that she only lost one of her jobs after suffering a concussion.

  • 8 months

    Am grateful for that we have Christian stations to listen too. I have done this since 1978. God is good and loves us all.

  • 10 months

    I asked for prayer for a situation that is causing my husband (and our family) anxiety and stress. I am praising God today that he is making a way for us through this concern. Thank you for your prayers.

  • 2 years

    Praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and thank you to WTLR for the community of believers willing to pray for others.

  • 3 years

    Was prayed for my back and am clamming whole healing of it. And for my medical health God is able. God will be with you everyday I a listen to the station 24/7 and have since you been on the air. My children grown up with you. PTL thank you in my prayers always.

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