• Hi, I'm asking for prayers for my , our daughter & son in law tested positive for Covid, last week.
    The only symptoms was a stuffy nose. They will be out of quarantine on the 27th.
    We just moved our Christmas to then.
    My Brother & wife
    are now making a big deal about being around them.
    They were fine yesterday 26th coming the 27th, now today he changed his mind & now they aren't coming. He wasn't nice about it.
    I'm hurt & heart broken, because our daughter & son in law are over the Covid.
    Please pray that God will work this all out.
    I'm just so sadden by their comments.
    Sorry, so long winded.
  • Please pray for me. I am being overcome by all the evil around me. I am losing hope and my faith is being tested .mightily. I just need a ray of light to give me hope. Thank you.
  • Please pray for Josephine who is having issues with blood pressure. She has an appointment today with the doctors.
  • Pray for 3 yr old Sophia, my grand-daughter and her 30 yr old mother, Claire, my daughter. Pray for God's loving protection, safety, salvation, and health. They left home on 11.9.20, and now they are missing. Claire left home (with her young child) with no job, little money, emotionally distraught with a history of doing drugs. Pray she accepts Jesus. Pray God's protection over Sophia. May angels watch over them, guiding them both quickly and safely home to family and to God.
  • Had a Stroke 1 week ago. Affecting her entire right side. Pray for Joanne to recovery. And that she will be able to get back to some normalcy. She is 85 and half. She is a Warrior for GOD. she never failed to read her BIBLE & PRAY DAILY through her day.
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  • 1 week ago

    A listener is praising God that she only lost one of her jobs after suffering a concussion.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Am grateful for that we have Christian stations to listen too. I have done this since 1978. God is good and loves us all.

  • 3 months ago

    I asked for prayer for a situation that is causing my husband (and our family) anxiety and stress. I am praising God today that he is making a way for us through this concern. Thank you for your prayers.

  • 1 year ago

    Praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and thank you to WTLR for the community of believers willing to pray for others.

  • 2 years ago

    Was prayed for my back and am clamming whole healing of it. And for my medical health God is able. God will be with you everyday I a listen to the station 24/7 and have since you been on the air. My children grown up with you. PTL thank you in my prayers always.

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