• Please pray for my fear, doubt and intimidation. 1 John 4:18. Thank you
  • Please pray for relief for my back and neck pain and for my physical needs. The pain has been ongoing and prayer is very much needed for the pain
  • My husband and I have been married for 9 years. My burden is that we don’t pray together as a couple anymore. He turned the idea down because he feels awkward. Pray for God to work in his heart so he sees the importance of this. We used to pray together in the beginning of our marriage and it brought us closer together. We have definitely drifted from each other and I do not want this. Thank you
  • Please pray for my friend Ashley and her family.

    They have all been going through trials mentally, financially and spiritually.

    Thank you!
  • pray for my Dad, Larry, who was diagnosed with cancer and is currently in the Emergency Room dealing with weakness, sickness etc. We are asking for immediate prayer for the sickness he's currently dealing with that has taken him to the ER, and for healing for his cancer. He is 82 and he knows the Lord
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  • 2 months

    I prayed to have a Christian husband, and my Lord sent a strong man and even set up our marriage five years ago. I prayed my daughter would be happy with whatever path she chose in life, she will be able to retire in 3 years. I prayed my granddaughter would be able to have a good life because of her congenital special needs, and she just finished her first year of college, on the Dean’s list( one “B”, all other grades “A”) Thru the many years of single mom, with much family help and prayer without ceasing as I worked as well as at home. Just so glad my mom was a good Christian gal and my Dad was deeply dedicated in everything he did, to our Lord. Thank you for all your programs on WTL radio.
    Just wanted to pass on

  • 10 months

    A listener is praising God that she only lost one of her jobs after suffering a concussion.

  • 11 months

    Am grateful for that we have Christian stations to listen too. I have done this since 1978. God is good and loves us all.

  • 1 year

    I asked for prayer for a situation that is causing my husband (and our family) anxiety and stress. I am praising God today that he is making a way for us through this concern. Thank you for your prayers.

  • 2 years

    Praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and thank you to WTLR for the community of believers willing to pray for others.

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