• Join Me Prayer for Sue today . She will be having a Biopsy of the Lungs today in Altoona . We thank the Prayer Wall & Prayer Warriors .
    Rick & Sue
  • Please pray against me trying to flatter people and for honesty. Thank you
  • Sue has been Battling a Chronic Cough since Dec . Before COVID -19 . She has MS & 2 other Autoimmune Diseases . Last Weekend her Mobility was Horrible . Had Spasms & Leg Cramps and Pain off the Charts plus the Coughing Issue . She has a CT Scan for this Fri . to Figure out whats going on ?
    Praying for Mobility to get to Her much needed Appointments this Fri. Rick
  • please pray for my wife to see the truth of God and not the lies of Satan. Pray for her to turn from her adulterous way, stop the legal proceedings, and come home to her loving husband who God has transformed. Pray for God to restore and transform our covenant marriage for His honor and glory. I truly love my wife. Blessed is the Lord!
  • Please pray for my fear, doubt and intimidation. 1 John 4:18. Thank you
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  • 7 months

    A listener is praising God that she only lost one of her jobs after suffering a concussion.

  • 8 months

    Am grateful for that we have Christian stations to listen too. I have done this since 1978. God is good and loves us all.

  • 10 months

    I asked for prayer for a situation that is causing my husband (and our family) anxiety and stress. I am praising God today that he is making a way for us through this concern. Thank you for your prayers.

  • 2 years

    Praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayers and thank you to WTLR for the community of believers willing to pray for others.

  • 3 years

    Was prayed for my back and am clamming whole healing of it. And for my medical health God is able. God will be with you everyday I a listen to the station 24/7 and have since you been on the air. My children grown up with you. PTL thank you in my prayers always.

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